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Galleries do not simply
run themselves.
We know.


amy helps you decide how to do business.  


Being an expert in what you do, means that you are constantly eager to become better and that you know that professional support is quintessential. 


Amy is not just a tool to keep track record of your professional actions. As art professionals, we deliver the services and backing you can really count on. 

Check out our app related services.


We know you would like to make the most out of amy.

Let us help you achieve this by providing these essential services.

website & digital spaces

Create an online presence. This is not only crucial to promote your gallery, but also to expand your modes of presentation and to reach out to new customers, globally. 

data transfer

Information already stored in different databases can be restructured and transferred to amy. This means that your gallery can continue operating without any disruption. 


Get connected. Facilitate your galleries online presence on several digital platforms by connecting the data stored in amy. Let's start with your own website.  

custom templates

Keep using the same design of your documents and reports within amy. We can translate the layout into a digital format and insert it in your documents library. 

data input

Things may get really busy, so why wouldn't we provide you with a trained assistant who can help you with the input and the maintenance of your amy database? 

custom developing

If you are in need of more detailed entries or want to track more financial transactions details, then let us see how we can adjust

 amy to all your needs. 

We also provide strategic backing.


We are specialized in the development of new digital, strategic, and management tools.

In doing so, we provide perspectives to navigate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 


Aside from dealing with art, you also need to take care of marketing, communication, administration, and much more. We can support you in these activities. 

go virtual

Interested in exploring Web3, immersive spaces, NFT or other virtual opportunities? We can analyze together what a gallery practice could mean within 5 years. 


How to hire the right assistant? Or set up a depot? How to develop certificates or condition reports? We can think together about organizing your gallery. 

Let’s explore your ambitions
together, no obligations!

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