Your Art.

"Amy is the heart of my studio.

I couldn't manage without it."

Rinus Van de Velde, artist



What we're all about.

Amy is your independent, cloud-based 

art management app.

Amy is your professional 


created by 

art world insiders for the art world.

Amy is the most user-friendly tool,

grows as you grow and leads 

the way in every step of your art career!



We are Amy.

Amy was founded by

Femke Cools,

Peter Lemmens and

Dimitri Riemis.

Amy is informed by all the tips and tricks,

rules and their exceptions

of dealing with art

on a daily basis.

Three art professionals, that have been working

for international galleries, as artist's assistants 

and consultants to collectors for a long, long time.

Amy translates this experience into a hands-on, knowledge-based tool

that guides you through

your art management.

Amy cumulates our 

experience of over

35 years.

Amy let’s you take control over your art

with our expertise.



What we do for you.

Sophisticated input made easy.


Keep track of all the artwork information you need. 

From the absolute basics to the most complex details.

From just a fast image with title to edition specific measurements, multiple materials and various price information.


A simple but intelligent

contact management system 

created especially for the art world. 

Keeps track of all your contacts in relation to your artworks as well as

every organisation

they’re affiliated with.


Keep track of exhibitions, 

collections, loans, 

sales, acquisitions, ...    

Organise and structure your artworks into several sets. 

Never again lose sight of

what’s going on.


Input gets you started, but output takes you places.


Create all the 

documents you need.

Portfolios, caption lists, price lists, insurance lists, excel, … 

Create your own unlimited templates with the font,

size, color, logo, footer, …

of your choosing.


Transfer artwork information directly to other Amy users 

in just a few clicks.

Working together means always working with the

up-to-date information

you can rely on.


Present artworks

any time on any device.

Send customised

private showrooms

to any contact.

Show your artworks

to the world

with your own public wall. 

"Thanks to Amy my studio works so much

more efficiently and the communication

with my galleries has never been better."

Ann Veronica Janssens, artist