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The resourceful companion
to grow your art practice
into an art profession.

This is amy

amy is a full-fledged cloud-based art management tool for all professional artistic practices. Our goal is to make professional art management accessible to every passionate player in the art field. This includes artists, galleries, collectors, but also restorers, art schools, art insurers, art transporters and all other art-related services.


With our app you can take intelligent control of all the movements your artworks make such as exhibitions, locations, purchases, sales, conditions, loan, communication, presentation, promotion, proposals... amy supports art practices with a data driven back office to effectively improve professional attitude and scope. Good art management is an art.

Right at your service

With our platform, we add professionalism. We focus on the digital transformation of your art business, diminishing your administrative burden. While using amy you become a part of our community where knowledge, ideas, experiences, and work are exchanged.

amy dreams of a world where all new or established members of the art world are accompanied to unfold their full potential.


Store all your professional contacts in one place and get an overview of and easy access to your complete network.  


 With our online viewing rooms, you will never miss out on an opportunity to impress gallerists, collectors, and curators. 

image database

 Add all artwork images, including those of tryouts and final presentations. amy stores them print-ready in an A4 format.


Create sleek portfolios, professional offers, transport, price & insurance lists, and much more. Send them in one click to the right contacts. 


 Our custom-made APIs can help you set up integrations with almost any digital platform you are working with. 

send & receive

Exchange information between amy users, avoiding mistakes or missing information. Become a part of the community!


Digitize all your artwork as separate records and make them easily accessible for your own operational processes or for external research.

sales & invoices

Register all valuable details related to an artwork sale. Generate and send offers and invoices with a click of a button! 

personalize your database

Every art practice is unique. Therefore, you can add any field to your database and adjust it to the way you like to work.  

Our tool comes with our expertise and knowledge!

project manager

Discover what amy
can do for you. 


Looking for your art management tool? Here are 8 tips to keep in mind.

Get off to a flying start​


Get all the tips & tricks from our art world experts. We are not an IT company. The amy team are all art professionals with tons of experience in guiding and supporting artists, galleries, and collectors. This is why amy is unique, and your best choice. amy is a digital safeguard when it comes to claiming your seat at the art table. 


In order to kick-start your amy journey, we developed these plans that may come in handy when taking your first steps.



starter plan

Why don't you let us take care of the initial data input on amy and help you hit the ground running?


starter plan

Give all amy outputs and documents your graphic identity so they seamlessly blend into the way you operate.

data + design

starter plan

This all-encompassing starter combo takes care of your initial data input on amy and it optimizes the design of your outputs.

Voices of the amy community  


Discover the value that our customers find in amy

and join the community. 


"amy is the heart

of my studio."

Rinus Van de Velde, artist


"amy helps us to communicate with our clients in a transparent and structured way."

Fred & Ferry Gallery

_SHurlbut_Deuil II_Peewee 3_edited.jpg

"amy supports us at each step of our journey, in a meaningful and impactful way."

Charlotte Perreault, on behalf of the Spring Hurlbut Archive

Let's start a conversation and get to know each other.

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