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An essential resource to help you navigate the art market 


Our network and experience at your service.


amy consists of a team of art managers, art professionals, curators, and artists who have gained experience in all fields of the art world. We are here to share this with you.


Of course, we don't have all knowledge in-house, but we know how to connect you with the right specialists to help you with any aspect of your collection development and management. 

Check out our app-related services.


We know you would like to make the most out of amy.

Let us help you achieve this by providing these essential services.

website & digital spaces

We help you develop your own website that represents the identity of your collection. We make sure that the data from your amy account is directly transferred to your website. 

data transfer

If you have existing records or databases of the works in your collection, then we are able to restructure and integrate them into amy so you don't have to start all over again. 


Managing your art collection is one thing, connecting it to other digital platforms may be even more relevant. We develop custom APIs to connect your data. 

custom templates

Your collection is unique and that story is represented in the graphic identity you use. We can translate this style into your personalized templates.

data input

Too busy to put all the information into amy? We provide trained assistants to help you with the data input. This is completely tailored to your needs.

custom developing

Do you work with specific digitalized condition reports or loan forms? Let us explore how we can incorporate them into amy so you can operate in a  fully integrated modus.

We also provide strategic backing.


We are specialized in the development of new curatorial, strategic, and management tools.

In doing so we provide perspectives to navigate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

art advisor

Constant shifts in new big names, an abundance of young talent, changing trends, new materials, and styles. Our art advice services help you make the most relevant choices. 


Have you ever wondered what your artwork is worth or do you need an official evaluation for your insurance company? We assist in connecting you to the best specialists in the field of art appraisal. 

digital expansion

Looking at collecting NFTs or rather interested in presenting your collection in an imaginative immersive exhibition space? We have the knowledge and the network to help you further. 

Let’s evaluate the possibilities in a first call, no obligations!

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