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Your art companion with a backpack full of advice and support.


The know-how you need when you need it.


amy empowers you by seeking out valuable information and sharing it. We are a team of art managers, art professionals, curators, and artists who bring together their shared knowledge and network.


Aside from providing you with the tool to professionally manage your art studio, we also bring our expertise and knowledge to the table.

Check out our app-related services.

We know you would like to make the most out of amy.

Let us help you achieve this by providing these essential services.

website & digital spaces

Let us develop your website together and make sure that the data from your amy account is directly transferred to your website. 

data transfer

Together we can look into integrating your existing databases into amy. This will save you a lot of time and work!


Archiving your art production is one thing, disclosing it on many digital channels is even better. We develop custom APIs to connect the data. 

custom templates

Modulate amy towards your graphic identity. We can translate any document into a personalized digital template and add it to your library.

data input

Maybe you are looking for a trained and affordable assistant to help you input data? Let's completely tailor this to your needs.

custom developing

We can develop and integrate specific features, unique to your own artistic practice into amy. You will be amazed what we can do. 

We also provide strategic backing.


We are specialized in the development of new curatorial, strategic, and management tools.

In doing so we provide perspectives to navigate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 


With the curatorial experience behind amy, we are very well positioned to provide you with the best assistance necessary in developing and accomplishing your artistic goals. 


 Publishing, digital or in a book format, is always a decisive step to take. It serves many purposes. With our expertise we can guide you through the process, helping you making the right choices.  


Aside from making art, you also need to take care of networking, marketing, communication, administration, and much more. We know how to support you in these activities. 

Let's find out what amy can do for you, no obligations!

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