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Your art companion with a backpack full of advice and support.


The know-how you need when you need it.


Amy empowers you by seeking out valuable information and sharing it. We are a team of art managers, art professionals, curators, and artists who bring together their shared knowledge and network. Aside from providing you with the tool to professionally manage your practice, we also bring our expertise and knowledge to the table.

Check out our app related services

Of course, you would like to make the most out of your use of amy art app.

Let us help you achieve that by providing these essential services

website & digital spaces

we help you develop your own website with the input of our technical & communication professionals. We make sure that the data from your amy account is directly transferred to your website. 

data transfer

let us work together to integrate your existing databases into your amy art tool. This may save you a lot of time and work!


archiving your art production is one thing, disclosing it on many digital channels is even better. We develop custom APIs to connect the data to relevant platforms. 

custom templates

modulate your amy art tool towards your graphic identity. We can translate any document into a personalized template.

data input

maybe you want to rely on our trained and affordable art students to assist you in the data input process. This is completely tailored to your needs.

custom developing

looking for a specific feature, unique to your own practice? We can develop and integrate it into your amy art tool.


Store all your contacts in one place in order to create an overview of your complete network. Our search module enables you to find the relevant information linked to each contact in a single click. No more reasons to lose business cards and write notes on pieces of paper! You can immediately insert your contacts in the amy app on your phone!

send & receive

Transfer artwork information from one amy user to another and build sustainable and productive relationships so you will avoid making mistakes in how things are written, described, or what they are worth. Don’t get lost in translation!


Create sleek portfolios, professional offers, transport, price, insurance lists, and much more, and send them in one click to the right contacts. Keep track of your past thoughts and concepts and let them inspire you with new opportunities.


Create elegant online exhibitions and viewing rooms and never miss out on an opportunity to impress gallerists, collectors, and curators. Showcase a selection of your work in a professional way in an online environment. Include these digital presentations and online viewing rooms in all forms of communication.


Digitize all your artistic actions and outputs as separate records and create an overview of your complete oeuvre. Make your work easily accessible for your own operational processes or for research by curators and academics. Use this archive to compile your potential exhibition or publication lists.

branding integration


Infuse your output documents with your branding profile. Include your logo and details that reflect who you are as an artist across all channels. We can translate your personal layout into design templates within our app. 

sales & invoices

Register sales and all the valuable details related to the given sale of an artwork in your database. Use this information to maintain long-lasting and professional relationships with your clients. Generate and send invoices with a click of a button! Amy provides all the entrepreneurial support you need..

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amy        the art companion for artists, galleries and collectors

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