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Add essential professional skills to your students' education and archive their work for your benefit. 

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Workshop Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg with the Urban Sketchers Luxembourg at Bamhaus Feb

Hitting two targets with one shot

Contemporary art education is more and more focusing on bringing together content and context during the education cycle. Knowing how to develop relevant artworks is only one part of an artistic practice. Being able to live from the arts asks for supplementary skills and knowledge. 


amy is an excellent art management tool for artists, so why not let them start working with it while being a student? 

While the students learn how to integrate professional skills, they contribute to building up the visual archive of your art educational institution. All art school struggle with this and amy provides an easy answer. All works students describe and archive in their account is then transferred to the institutional main account. 

How does it work? 


Students are taught, as part of their professional skills training, why it is important to work with an art management tool like amy.


During a workshop, they learn how to integrate this knowledge in their artistic practice and how to use the data to their professional benefit.  


During their studies, the create records of the artworks they see as part of their oeuvre. They activate these data to organize, communicate, represent and administrate their practice. 

Each students has their own personal amy account, which is linked to the main account of the art academy.  


The main amy account belongs to your institutions and received the transferred files from the students. Over the years, you built up an archive of student works, automatically, with all information and related images.


These date can then be activated within several different processes and communication channels.  

What does it take? 

Art students get a free amy account as long as they remain a student linked to your institution. Once graduated, they can keep that account as one of the first real building blocks to develop their independent artistic studio. The first year after graduation the account remains free. 

The institution subscribes to an art academy account, which costs 200 €/monthly and provides unlimited storage for artworks, images, contacts and users. An excellent deal at bottom price. 


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unlimited student accounts

unlimited artworks unlimited contacts

unlimited actions

unlimited users

Connect you institution's amy account with the account of the students in order to enjoy all the possible benefits

Let amy help you unfold the full potential of your students!


In order to be able to tell the full story of your collection, you want to bring together every person who is connected to each artwork.


amy allows you to create online viewing rooms so you can share your entire collection or parts of it with whomever you want.  

image database

Keep a visual overview of all artworks. Add installation and exhibition views, technical images, and any other visual records. 


Create and use personalized documents and store all loan forms, condition reports, original invoices, certificates, and so on. 


Create a bridge between your collection and the digital world. Integrate the artworks with one click to your website or your digital art space. 

send & receive

Connect your database to others to make sure you send and receive the correct data and details on the artworks in your collection. 


With amy you not only keep track of every action related to each artwork but have your collection at your disposal anywhere, anytime. 

purchases & sales

amy facilitates the administrative process of buying and selling an artwork. No financial information will get lost.

personalize your database

With amy you can add your own graphic identity and adjust it to your needs. Custom-based developments are also possible. 

Let’s evaluate the possibilities in a first call,
no obligations!

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