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As an artist, you want to make art. But at the same time, you need to be a storyteller, a communicator an entrepreneur, a people manager, an archivist, a publisher, and so on. Let us support you in all that. With amy art app and the full set of services that come with it, you can navigate through all these challenges and take on new opportunities. We help you stay focused on the creative process by helping you be a successful artistic entrepreneur. Let’s meet so you can share your practice with us! 

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give amy a try and upgrade quickly

You can use the full-featured version of amy for free for up to 20 artworks, so you can explore its full potential.



give amy a try and upgrade quickly

Because we think it is important to start with this professional tool at the very beginning of your artistic career, we offer you very affordable full-featured access to amy.



give amy a try and upgrade quickly

Have amy as your professional companion alongside you for life regardless of your output. You grow, and the price stays fixed! 

We also offer special plans for artist institutions or cooperatives.

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Get all the tips & tricks from our art world experts. We are not an IT company. We offer a full set of online video tutorials. In addition, we provide personal guidance and assistance in getting you up and running with your amy account. Furthermore, you can choose one of the extensive support plans to help you in the most professional way.

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Of course we would like to offer you a fully operational tool with all your data already filled-in, and we have something up our sleeves. Why don’t we do this together? We take care of the initial data input on amy and help you hit the ground running. After using this service you will be fully equipped and provided with the knowledge to participate in the art world at your full potential.


As amy will be the backbone of your organization, you want to give it the identity it deserves. It has to seamlessly blend into the way you operate and it has to transmit your value and ambitions. After all, it is an integral part of your branding. Therefore, we help you adjust it exactly as you have in mind. 


This all-encompassing starter combo takes care of the initial data input on amy, optimizes the design of your outputs, and provides you with personal guidance to get everything up and running.

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of my studio."


Rinus Van de Velde


"Amy helps us to communicate with our clients in a transparent and structured way."

Fred & Ferry Gallery

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"Amy supportes us at each step of our journey, in a meaningful and impactful way."


Charlotte Perreault, on behalf of the Spring Hurlbut Archive

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