Checklist for a more successful exhibition or art fair.

Updated: Jan 31

Based on our years of experience, we would like to share some tips on how to make the most of your upcoming exhibition or art fair.


  • Gather all details of the artworks you'll be showing such as complete captions, relevant images, pricing, ....

  • Get an overview of all the artworks you will show in your booth.

  • Communicate this information with your shipping company.

  • Create a price list and information files.

  • Share this information with your collectors, art advisors and press.

  • If applicable, create a consignment or loan agreement. See here for more information on the difference.


  • Make sure you have an easy way of presenting relevant artworks not shown on your booth. It will increase your potential.

  • Don't hesitate to propose works when someone shows interest. Do it as fast and complete as possible.

  • Keep track of what you've sent and to who. This information will be very valuable and useful for your future relationships.

  • Register your sales carefully and in detail. Knowing your clients and their collections makes you a reliable partner.


  • Get an overview of all the works that need to be transported to your collectors and which should return to your own storage. 

  • Register the new locations of the artworks carefully.

  • Register all people you where in contact with. Like this you can reach out to them the next time you're having an exhibition or are participating in an art fair.

  • Send your collectors all the correct information about the work they bought. It will help them with their collection and create a professional relationship.

Author: Dimitri Riemis, Co-founder and COO Amyart.ap

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