Amy is your art management assistant.

Amy is easy-to-use and intuitively structures all the information that comes with your artworks. It's an app and guideline that creates portfolios, prints a price list, finds your available works, sends proposals, lets you share relevant information with your partners, keeps track of exhibitions, manages all your network contacts and a whole lot more. 

Amy leads the way in every step of your artistic career.

If you’re involved with art and need to organise in the most efficient way, it doesn’t matter if you’re the artist, the gallery, the collector, the curator, the student or the art lover.


Are you starting out and ready to take on the world? Or are you already established and looking for that next level?

Amy is there for all users, not defined by categories or position.


Fully featured on all devices and cross-platform.

No need to install any third-party software. Just sign up, easy as that.


Sophisticated input made simple.


Keep track of all the artwork information you need.

From the absolute basics to the most complex details. From just a fast image with title to edition specific measurements, multiple materials and various prices.


A simple but intelligent contact management system created especially for the art world. It keeps track of all your contacts in relation to your artworks as well as every organisation they’re affiliated with.


From here the real action starts. Keep track of everything: exhibitions, collections, loans, sales, acquisitions, ...    Organise and structure your artworks into several sets. Never lose sight of what’s going on again.


Input is the start but output is what really counts.


In person: present your artworks on all your preferred devices.

Simply switch to a beautiful presentation mode at any time.


Online: present your artworks on your own public wall, visible for the world to discover.

Personally: with your own online private guest zone, you can propose selected works to a specific contact.


Transfer artwork information directly with other Amy users in just a few clicks. Save time and avoid those annoying cut-and-paste errors. You make the selection of who gets what


Create all the documents you need in no time. Portfolios, caption lists, price lists, insurance lists, … 

It takes just a few clicks to save as a pdf or simply print straightaway.


You want to give your output that personal touch.

Create your own templates with the font, size, colour, logo, footer, … of your choosing.


Your data is yours, so you can export all of your data to excel.

Anytime and without difficulties.


Amy is created by art world insiders that meet the professional needs and high standards every day.

It’s our mission to professionalise the art world by introducing a low-level-entry but highly sophisticated application.

Amy intelligently manages the direct information flow between users.

With our over 30 years of hands-on experience, we know all the workflow essentials and intricate details. We’ve made the most user-friendly tool accessible for everyone who’s into art. We make the art world more efficient than ever before.

We are Amy.

Dimitri Riemis 
former director Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Tim Van Laere Gallery

Femke Cools 
studio manager Ann Veronica Janssens

Peter Lemmens 
former assistant Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, independent artist

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We are professionally assisting our clients who have put their trust in our services since the very beginning:

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